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Blogging and smart email marketing are one of the most powerful combinations to both driving regular traffic to your content and making money from your blog. My email list is directly responsible for the $400,000/yr business I’ve been able to create around my blog. This is the real reason why RSS feeds have lost popularity in the past decade as blogging has matured.

If you’re worried about another free service shutting down like Reader did, ponying up a bit of cash could get you a bit of extra security in NewsBlur. The conflict centers on something called Really Simple Syndication , a technology widely used to syndicate blogs and other Web content. The dispute pits Harvard Law School fellow Dave Winer, the blogging pioneer who is the key gatekeeper of RSS, against advocates of a different format.

This makes it super easy to embed sign up forms anywhere you want on your blog. In fact, the popularity of using RSS feeds actually peaked well over a decade ago when blogging was still relatively new, and has since gone way down, nearing obscurity. Because not many people use RSS feeds to get blog updates anymore. Despite how visually appealing RSS readers like Feedly can be though, more and more RSS-related companies have been going out of business in recent years. RSS stands for really click here to start download simple syndication, and it’s a type of web feed that allows both people and applications to detect updates in a standardized format that computers can make quick sense of.

You can see stories on the original site, create categories and tags that help highlight the stories you want most, and even create a "Blurblog" of all your favorite stories for others to read. NewsBlur is Free for up to 64 sites, but you can pay $24 a year for a premium account that gets you unlimited sites, more frequent updates, and more.

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This is the same Aaron Swartz that would later co-found Reddit and become famous for his hacktivism; in 2000, according to an email to me from Davis, his dad often accompanied him to technology meetups. Dornfest, Davis, and Swartz all thought that RSS needed namespaces in order to accommodate the many different things everyone wanted to do with it.

  • With RSS feeds, we were able to create feeds that users could follow to see the latest blog posts and podcasts for a specific category.
  • If you’re a bit more visual, Pulse may be just your speed.
  • Instead of visiting the website multiple times to find new content or search through a crowded social media timeline, RSS feeds send tailored content directly to the user.
  • (iOS/Android/Web) takes a different approach to RSS reading.

This is all in addition to feed management features, and the ability to download full text for selected feeds offline. The free version lets you read your first 50 articles with Unread at no cost.

Some services deliver RSS to an email inbox, sending updates from user’s personal selection and schedules. Examples of those services include Blogtrottr, IFTTT and Zapier. To listen to a podcast, a user adds the RSS feed to their podcast client, and the client can then list available episodes and download or stream them for listening or viewing. To be included in a podcast directory the feed must for each episode provide a title, description, artwork, category, language, and explicit rating.

Open up your new feed reader of choice and head into its settings. If all you want is a simple, clean way to read your favorite sites—without all the social features, app integration, and other clutter—Newsvibe is a fast, free, and sparse alternative. (iOS/Android/Web) is a web-based feed reader that looks and feels a bit more like a desktop reader.

You can pay $10 to unlock the full app and eight additional themes. Once you choose to go back to RSS , you’ll need a news reader to go with it. Thankfully, there are some amazing RSS readers on the iPhone. After years of neglect, RSS is enjoying a bit of resurgence. If you use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as news sources, you know how little control and influence you actually have on your feed.

RSS is the only reliable way to see content that you want to see, as opposed to content that an algorithm wants you to see. Once you are ready please return to your Apple MAC email client and you will see that your RSS Feed has been added to the RSS section from the left vertical contents pane right bellow your Mailboxes. RSS, also known as Really Simple Syndication, provides a great way to keep up with your favorite websites and skim through the headlines to find the articles. Safari makes it really simple to subscribe to a website’s RSS feed in just a few clicks. Arrayed against Winer were several other people, including Rael Dornfest of O’Reilly, Ian Davis , and a precocious, 14-year-old Aaron Swartz.

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