4 Ways To A Healthier Immune System When You Have Psoriasis

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With those, you might feel numbness and tingling along with the itch. When you’ve got an itch, you probably want to scratch it. But whether it’s from a mosquito bite, chickenpox, or chronic skin issue like eczema, any relief from scratching will be short-lived.

If you can’t take it and you simply must scratch, try not to use your fingernails. Instead, rub, pat, tap, or tightly hold the itchy area. Many happen when your body reacts to pollen, nuts, and other allergens — your immune system makes a chemical called histamine. Others come from a problem with your nervous system, like shingles or a stroke.

And too much scratching can make the problem much worse. Quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke will greatly decrease a person’s risk. If pain occurs when a person plaque psoriasis takes a deep breath or coughs, they should contact a doctor for an examination.

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  • This is because the chronic, inflammatory effects of psoriasis can extend to internal organs.
  • Not everybody with psoriasis will develop a lung complication, but because of the increased risk, it may be a good idea to take preventive measures.
  • Long-term exposure can increase a person’s risk of developing lung disease.
  • Anyone with psoriasis may be at risk for systemic complications, including lung disease.

Finger and toenails may develop pits, and they may thicken, crumble or fall off. With scalp psoriasis, plaques form on the scalp and possibly beyond the hairline, on the forehead, the back of the neck, and behind the ears. In some cases, a doctor may recommend using a biologic medication, such as ustekinumab . A skin biopsy, where they collect a small sample of the person’s skin to examine under a microscope. Frequently, Candida fungus or bacteria accumulate in the areas of the body that are affected.

Intertrigo affects many of the same areas as inverse psoriasis. Stiff, achy joints and fatigue can make it hard to get moving. But dropping excess pounds can help improve your joint health. It helps to keep your nails short so you’re less likely to break your skin if you do scratch. You can also try wearing gloves to bed to protect your skin while you’re asleep.

The authors noted that the link did not seem to stem from the use of medications that suppress the immune system. Talk to your doctor about the potential benefits for you.