1xbet review 2020 – test & rating

1xbet review 2020 – test & rating

Many passionate activities bettors know 1xbet primarily being a wagering change operator, less being a classic bookmaker with fixed odds offers. The 1xbet website is operated by The Sporting Exchange Ltd (TSE Ltd. for brief) located in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. The popular 1xbet wagering exchange was not available in Germany for some time, but activities wagering fans from Germany are now able to utilize 1xbet again .

Created in 2000, 1xbet quickly became the planet’s number 1 betting exchange in the following years. 1xbet is really successful for several years, particularly in the united kingdom. With few online world exchanges on the market, 1xbet competes with classic bookmakers like Ladbrokes and William Hill. Even activities wagering fans who have a bookmaker and usually don’t wish to use a second bookmaker should check away 1xbet.1xbet регистрация в один клик a wagering change is really a first-class addition to a classic betting provider. In Germany, however, for legal reasons, only normal activities bets are currently offered.

experiencewith 1xbet: The bookmaker’s talents

  • Pleasingly large selection of bets
  • Many popular payment techniques
  • Lucrative new client bonus as high as 100 euros
  • At 1xbet everything is serious, there is no danger of fraud


The 10 test categoriesin the big bookmaker test on OpenOdds.com

All of the bookmakers that individuals subjected to their paces within the OpenOdds team had to prove by themselves in these 10 test categories, including 1xbet, of course!

  • 01. Bonus program 10/10
  • 02. Customer support 9/10
  • 03. Betting offer 9/10
  • 04. Payment terms 9/10
  • 05. Safety 10/10
  • 06. Betting odds 9/10
  • 07. Usability 9/10
  • 08. Live betting 9/10
  • 09 Additional offers 9/10
  • 10. Wagering restrictions 9/10
  • 92/100Overall result

1xbet bonus program10/10 points

  • Exclusive 100 euros (40 per cent) first deposit bonus
  • Attractive bonus conditions
  • Effortless activation of the bonus


01.Bonus program:Exclusive 100 euro new client bonus with favorable sales target

1xbet has a silly € 100 new client bonus in its program, although not brand new customers have it. When opening the account, our exclusive 1xbet bonus code ZSSOBA must be provided. the first deposit must not be less than 10 euros. In addition, only the following payment methods be eligible for a this exclusive bonus offer: Apple Pay, charge card, PayPal, instant transfer, Paysafecard and Giropay. The 1xbet bonus is activated once the client places 5 single bets, that have at the least a value of 10 euros and at least an odd of 1.5. Once the bets happen settled, a € 20 free bet will be credited. This whole procedure can be achieved 5 times, so an added bonus amount of 100 euros can be done.

1xbet bonus for new customers

The free bet will be credited within 48 hours. The minimum odds for free bets are low: 1.20. However, only the profit is credited to your real cash account, so it is certainly not a good idea to set chances very low. There’s a bonus period of thirty days. We discuss the offer in more detail within our 1xbet Bonus report . Probably the most crucial finding: The offer is fair while the bonus conditions are lucrative. If you have already used the 1xbet new client bonus, you can alternatively make use of the lucrative bonus offers from Betway and Sportingbet .

02.Customer Service:Easily accessible and competently staffed

1xbet customer service9/10 points

  • Live chat daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Brisk email support
  • Also available on Twitter


1xbet now has good customer support available via live chat and email. Live chat can be obtained between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. This is not exactly ideal, because many activities wagering fans are mainly active in the evening. But at the least it is possible to make use of the live chat every day. A recommended alternative is email support, which usually responds to inquiries inside a few hours. The mixture of live chat and email support is common with wagering providers these days. 1xbet also offers customers the opportunity to contact them via Twitter.

the 1xbet customer support staff is above average. All inquiries within the test were answered quickly and properly. Especially crucial: the answers did not rely on the respective employee. This shows that 1xbet does good skills training. For just about any 1xbet user, it is good to know that good customer care can be obtained when in doubt. Having a wagering change in particular, it is critical to look for a reliable contact person if a question arises or perhaps a problem needs to be resolved.

03.Betting offer:A pleasingly substantial offer!

1xbet betting offer9/10 points

  • Attractive wagering offer with a lot of choice
  • Unusual bets also available
  • Plenty of first class wagering opportunities available


When it comes to the scope of the on the web betting offer, no one can fool the bookmaker and wagering change operator 1xbet: The offer ranges from A for American football and Aussie Rules Football to R for cycling and rugby. A welcome focus at 1xbet is the number of typical English activities and also the matching betting options: darts, Gaelic activities, dog racing, horse racing and snooker. 1xbet’s motorsport wagering offer is also perhaps not uninteresting. In addition, the complete wagering program is also obtainable in the 1xbet application for Android and iPhone .

1xbet is not a classic bookmaker, but a wagering change, so the offer is fundamentally not the same as a bookmaker who totally covers a particular portfolio. To begin with, some bets are not offered at 1xbet since the client isn’t thinking about it. With this, 1xbet offers many bets that a normal bookmaker does not offer. There is also a wide range in terms of quotas. A savvy 1xbet user can take advantage of many excellent wagering odds. This is exactly what makes a betting exchange so attractive.

04.Payment terms:Fair rules and a brisk rate

1xbet payment terms9/10 points

  • Many crucial payment techniques can be found
  • Also deposits and withdrawals with PayPal
  • Not all deposits are totally free
  • Safe and fast withdrawals


The primary and a lot of popular payment means of deposits and withdrawals can be found by 1xbet for both Germany while the original UK website. Transactions could be processed, for instance, via charge cards (MasterCard, VISA, VISA Electron), the e-wallets Neteller, Skrill, PayPal or also with instant transfer and bank transfer. Based on our 1xbet experience, PayPal is also open to customers from Germany.

Deposits are not always free. Many 1xbet deposits have a charge of 1.5-2.5 per cent. This is not optimal, but it is possible, for instance, to deposit totally free by bank transfer or instant transfer . 1xbet withdrawals are totally free except for bank transfers (charge: 5 euros) and are also processed quickly. The costs are generally annoying, but with a little care it is possible to remain free of cost at 1xbet. That should be the claim of each and every ambitious activities wagering fan. It might be better yet if all payment techniques were offered totally free.

05.Security:Everything is safe and reliable thanks to top licensing

1xbet Security10/10 points

  • At 1xbet everything is serious, there is no danger of fraud
  • EU license from the Malta Gaming Authority
  • UK Gamblin Commission license


At 1xbet there isn’t any proof of fraud or bad business conduct. The legal area (terms and conditions, cookie recommendations, safety guidelines) in the German-language 1xbet website is pleasingly substantial. Licensing is always decisive being a serious basis for a wagering provider. 1xbet has two top licenses: A eu license from the Malta Gaming Authority and a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Both of these licenses have a exceptional reputation.

1xbet has built a solid reputation over recent years. Many younger activities wagering fans might not even understand the provider because 1xbet had disappeared from the German market for a while. The 1xbet experiences within the UK and Germany show that it’s a solid provider that treats customers fairly. In the present test, we didn’t find the slightest indication of irregularities either. This is certainly always a good sign, because we are able to quickly recognize a dubious betting provider according to our substantial experience.

06.Betting odds:Much more movement than normal bookmakers

1xbet betting odds9/10 points

  • Strong and bad odds
  • Having a good choice of bets, really lucrative it’s likely that possible
  • It is worth comparing odds
  • Lots of unusual bets with top odds


Probably the most outstanding feature of a wagering change would be the excellent wagering odds, since the margin of a bookmaker does not have to be as high having a wagering change just like a traditional bookmaker offer. In addition, the wagering odds at 1xbet ( except for the fixed odds) are not developed by the bookmaker setting chances. Rather , the customers involved determine how high the quota will maintain the finish . In this respect, savvy activities wagering fans can spot many advantageous bets at 1xbet.

Even a bookmaker with outstanding odds like Pinnacle Sports cannot match the top odds offered on individual bets on 1xbet for most bets. In this respect, it creates sense to put at least part associated with planned sports betting on a wagering change like 1xbet . Most activities wagering experts use this option to optimize chances in their own strategy. As a whole, it makes sense to also think about the offers on 1xbet when comparing odds.

07.Usability:Clear and easy to make use of

1xbet usability9/10 points

  • Clear internet site
  • intuitive operation
  • Also suitable for beginners


The 1xbet site may not be the prettiest of most activities wagering sites since the color scheme works well, although not always attractive. However, that’s only a little detail that shouldn’t prevent anyone from wagering at 1xbet. The clarity associated with website is good. The large menu makes it simple for customers to obtain the various regions of 1xbet quickly and easily. The wagering slip is also designed in a customer-friendly manner, so even beginners have no difficulty utilizing interesting bets at 1xbet.

The operation associated with website is dependant on the typical bookmaker pages. This is certainly positive, because anyone who has even a little experience on other activities wagering sites may have no difficulty locating the bets they desire at 1xbet. It is not only essential for an activities wagering change that there is good usability. With any online offer, it is vital to your success that the visitors deal with the content and don’t need to constantly consider how they can use the information. 1xbet has a coherent concept with good technical implementation. 1xbet is great fun to find and place bets.

08.Live wagering:Numerous live streams boost the offer

1xbet live betting9/10 points

  • Good live betting offer
  • Plenty of livestream available
  • More betting options would be better


Many live bets are offered by 1xbet. This may be a great advantage for activities wagering fans who prefer this kind of bet. You will find frequently suitable live streams for live bets, while not all live streams could be offered in Germany. However, the offer is more substantial and varied than other bookmakers in Germany. The quality of live bets might be increased if more betting options were provided. When compared with the most truly effective bookmakers, the live betting offer isn’t top quality, at the least when it comes to all of the wagering options.

It’s a great advantage that 1xbet offers live wagering at all. a couple of years ago that was rather unusual for wagering exchanges. 1xbet is an innovative provider that has considerably increased the quality of its offer, particularly within the live wagering area, in recent years. Live wagering fans no longer have to automatically go to a normal bookmaker to find interesting, large live offers. When it comes to live wagering, too, the wagering odds at 1xbet are frequently considerably higher than those of traditional wagering providers.

09Additional offers:Diverse portfolio in addition to activities wagering

1xbet additional offers9/10 points

  • Casino and different other gambling offers
  • Everything available directly on the web site
  • Variety is provided


1xbet has developed into a provider in recent years that not only supplies a top-quality wagering exchange. The 1xbet Casino is also recommendable in all respects. As well as the electronic games, there’s a large 1xbet Live Casino where customers can play at tables with real dealers. Poker, bingo and virtual activities games are also open to visitors.

In principle, it might be possible to exclusively use 1xbet in order to utilize a comprehensive portfolio in the region of ​​sports wagering and games of opportunity . The number of offers is impressive, making sure that 1xbet is not only a recommendable address for activities wagering fans. If you’re not just thinking about activities wagering, you need to spend some time to check out the different gambling offers and decide to try them away.

10.Betting limits:Attractive wagering restrictions for many customers

1xbet betting limits9/10 points

  • At the least 10,000 euros maximum win per bet
  • Win up to 1,000,000 euros possible
  • Good choices for high rollers too


At 1xbet, the maximum win depends upon which wagering options the customer chooses. The activity is also a relevant factor. Often it is possible to win at the least 10,000 euros per bet. However, additionally wagering variants and activities in which a profit as high as 1 million euros can be done. On the site under ‘Rules and Regulations’ there’s a tabular variety of all wagering restrictions making sure that customers who wish to bet with high stakes can find away in advance which winnings are possible.

For normal activities wagering fans who bet little to medium amounts, it ought to be hard to ever come in the selection of the betting restrictions offered. This is certainly fundamentally customer-friendly, because particularly customers who only wish to spot a few bets occasionally do not wish to constantly search for the applicable regulations within the conditions and terms. That should be reserved for the high rollers, because is currently the case at 1xbet.

Conclusion1xbet:Exciting betting change with lucrative opportunities


1xbet is really a wagering change and therefore falls from the usual bookmaker scheme. Ultimately, however, it is usually about offering activities wagering. And 1xbet is exceptionally proficient at that. When it comes to diversity, 1xbet is not besides positioned due to the fact top bookmakers in comparison. But you will find frequently lucrative wagering odds that no conventional bookmaker can offer . Experienced activities wagering fans that are particularly in search of the very best bets can regularly benefit significantly from 1xbet’s cleverness and good activities wagering selection. Even beginners shouldn’t be afraid of 1xbet, since the entire change is obviously structured and works transparently and customer-friendly. Instead of an ordinary bookmaker, 1xbet is surely an exciting thing.

The lucrative 100 euros (100 percent) 1xbet new client bonus is really a great offer that makes entry even more attractive. Those who have no experience having a wagering change should make use of the current bonus offer to alter this as soon as possible. With this bonus it is possible to make the first bets especially lucrative. 1xbet is currently the best wagering exchange in our comparison. When it comes to quality, the provider does not have to hide behind the bookmakers. Due to this, 1xbet is on a strong position in comparison. We offered many good arguments in favor of 1xbet within the current experience report, however the primary reason for registration for most activities wagering fans is the fact that a wagering exchange offers a different appeal than a bookmaker.We recommend all activities wagering fans who wish to experience something other than a typical bookmaker to open a merchant account at the first-class wagering exchange 1xbet.